Rocky mountains in Australia The main reason for visiting Australia is the diversity of its landscape, and it is this diversity that makes Australia a very attractive and friendly tourist destination. You can visit rain forests, deserts or even snowy mountains. Travelers can relax on sandy beaches, spend a night camping in wilderness a thousand miles from civilization, search for gold and gemstones in a desert, discover the secrets of a rain forest or learn about exotic animals. The beauty of the Australian nature can not only be found on the mainland and surrounding islands, but also deep under the sea.

The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef in AustraliaThe Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea is the world’s largest coral reef system. Australia is also known for its fauna totally unique in the world – animals such as a kangaroo, a koala bear and a platypus.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

The large rock formation in the central Australia is sacred to the Aboriginal people of Australia. Steeply rising walls of the formation are full of caves and overhangs, but also ancient paintings and local legends. The rocky surface dramatically changes its color under various lighting and particularly deep orange color in contrast with blue sky creates unique and unforgettable scenery. Uluru is listed as a World Heritage Site.
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Lofoten, Norway

For many travelers Norway is literally a paradise on the earth. This country is full of breathtaking natural beauty, and you can meet surprisingly quite few people for such a large area. Vast mountains, beautiful valleys, fjords that cut deep into the mainland, waterfalls and lakes, glaciers (including the largest one in Europe) and other attractions are the natural treasures of Norway. For example you should visit Jotunheimen Park, Rondane Park, or Hardangervidda high plateau. Most of the area is protected – Norway has 37 national parks.

Living standards in Norway are high, local residents are in general open-minded and hospitable. Most of the population speaks English, and therefore communication with the locals should not be a problem. People usually travel to Norway for fishing, which is possible during the whole year. You can fish either on your own, or with a help of local guided tours. Norway also offers good conditions for many different kinds of sports.


Even though Norway is located in the Arctic Circle, the climate is positively affected by the Gulf Stream, which makes the climate slightly oceanfront. Summer is cold, the average temperature in July is 17 ° C – but it may also reach 30 ° C. From May to July, there is an “eternal day”, when the sun never sets. These long summer days turn into a deep “winter night” for a few weeks, culminating at Christmas.


Food in NorwayAmong favorite dishes are various types of meat (not excluding elk or reindeer meat), served mostly with potatoes and steamed vegetables. However traditional meal is considered to be fish prepared in various ways. Lofoten islands are famous for their special “lutefisk” – dried codfish soaked in brine and then cooked.


Lofoten islands with a fishing boatThe Lofoten archipelago is one of the most popular places in Norway, regarded by the National Geographic as the third most attractive island in the world. Many tourists come here every year for fishing or watching whales. There is the Viking museum, which exhibits Viking ships and everyday activities of the Viking population.
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