Saving for a Dream Family Vacation


piggybank on the beach

Whether planning a small trip or the vacation of a lifetime, family travel can be expensive. Give your savings a boost and get on the road faster with these tips!

Know what to save: Calculate the full cost of your trip. Consider all associated costs, from flights and car rentals to taxis, tips and travel insurance.

Be realistic: Compare this figure to your budget. If the two are drastically different, consider a similar vacation experience that works with your own numbers.

Create a vacation savings plan: Small savings add up! Plan to save a specific amount each week and set up automatic transfers into a tax-free savings account.

Cut back: Get the whole family involved with findings ways to cut back on daily expenses – from dining out to treats at the grocery store – and add those savings to your vacation fund. Cutting out just one item a week can make a big difference! Continue reading