Three Reasons to Visit Europe by Train


If you are visiting Europe on vacation, you will find that there are many choices available to a tourist to get around the continent. Which mode of transportation that is best for you will depend upon where you are on the continent, what you plan to see and what type of budget you have; however, before you decide on a destination in Europe, you may want to consider the transportation. Known as Eurail, this train service allows you to see a wide range of sites as you travel throughout the countryside and into the heart of the major cities of the European continent.

You can see more of Europe

When you purchase a Eurail pass, you will be able to travel to all of the most popular destinations in both Western and Eastern Europe. This is very different from traditional vacation packages that travelers purchase in advance. Usually a tourist will purchase a package that includes a certain amount of time visiting specific places, and these places are limited to two or three cities. When you travel by train, you have the chance to visit all of the popular cities. In fact, the Eurail will take you to 28 European cities. This includes all of the famous cities on the continent, including a few you may not be familiar with. Not only do you have a chance to see a variety of cities and cultures, but you will also be able to see the countryside as you travel between cities.Bavaria, Germany, Europe

You can create your own vacation

It’s up to you to decide where you want to go and what sites you would like to visit. This is a great part of traveling by Eurail. The first step is to look at the cities that the Eurail stops at, and then decide where you would like to travel. Also, you need to decide how long you want to spend at each destination. The reason for this is simple. There are various levels of a Eurail pass. At a minimum, you can buy a pass for only two bordering countries. You can also buy a pass to visit every city the train stops at. The more destinations you want, the more expensive the pass. There is also the amount of time the pass is good for. A pass can be purchased for as little as five days and for up to three months. The first excitement you will feel when traveling by train in Europe will be during the planning phase.

Easy to get around

Many people travel by plane from one destination to another, but people who do this experience more delays and wasted time checking in at airports. Boarding the Eurail with your pass is much easier, and the train takes you right to the heart of the city where most of the tourist sites are as well as access to a variety of transportation. Traveling by train allows you to take in the sights as you travel from city to city. The windows of an airplane are not much help from high altitudes and take away a lot of the fun of traveling.Barcelona, Spain, Europe

If you are planning a trip to Europe, you should consider touring the continent by train. You should still consider a hotel for your first night at your first city that you arrive at from your home. You can compare prices for hotels in Barcelona and other major European cities at comparison hotel websites. One example can be found at

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