Taipei101 tower in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful island in the Southeast Asia. Taiwan, as well as some other smaller islands, is part of the Republic of China. According to some historians, the name Taiwan is derived from the name of one of the oldest cities in the island – Tainan. The phonetic transcription of Tainan has gradually begun to be used as the name for the whole island. The other name given by Portuguese explorers is Ilha Formosa, which means beautiful island, the name Formosa has been partially retained to this day.

Taiwan is a country with short history, but rich tradition. In Taiwan there you can find countless temples and monasteries, most of them still active and well attended. On the other hand, Taiwan is a high-tech country with strong computers and electronics market. Taiwanese people are friendly, helpful and hospitable. They are not overly formal and require no observance of strict rules of behavior. Continue reading