Geography & Climate

Located on the northern coast of South America, Venezuela is a large country with a population of approximately 28 million. The land is larger than that of California, Oregon, and Washington combined (over 352,000 square miles). It is divided into 20 states, the Federal District around Caracas, two territories, and 72 islands. Its borders are the Atlantic Ocean and Guyana on the east, Brazil to the south, Colombia in the west and the Caribbean to the north. The geography varies from the coastal region, to the Andean region of snow-capped peaks and temperate forests, to the tropical Maracaibo region, to the southern “Guyana Shield” and area of savanna and rain forest. The rain forests shelter Venezuela’s most exotic animals as well as some untouched tribes.

The coastal capital city of Caracas, with a population of almost four million, has a higher standard of living than any other Latin American city. Venezuela is quite demographically diverse, with about 58% of mixed race, 29% of European descent, 11% of African descent and 2% native Indians Russian Trains. Approximately 75,000 Americans currently live in Venezuela. Continue reading